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11:00 AM

20 mi


7:39 mi


177 lb
166 bpm
179 bpm


40 F
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Well this race sends some mixed messages:

Cons: I hit neither my stretch goal of 2:30 or goal of 2:32. It took more effort to hold pace than it should have, especially after mile 8 or so.

Pros: It was a blasting headwind the whole race, so that needs to have an effect on the time (though I'm unsure what to estimate a non-wind equivalent effort). People I was with were assigning 5-8 minutes to it. I don't know.

I was able to get through a pretty dark period from 13-17 and maintain effort and almost maintain pace. It was a 6 minute PR against a time that had a 30 MPH tailwind a year ago.

Ran with Greg C and Laurie. Started uneventfully, we banked a littlee time the first few miles. I felt OK, but knew I was on the edge of not being OK. The wind was intermittent the first few miles, we would try to tuck in with each other when it came, but honestly 40 pound Laurie wasn't much help.

Around mike 6-7 we hit the ocean and the real wind. It was like hitting a wall. Several times I was faced with the choice of trying to pick up pace or slowing down just to get behind someone for a while. Garmin kept telling me my pace was slowing by 5 secs or so and HR was increasing- not good. Reached 1/2 right on time at 1:15, but that was down from the 1:14 pace we had earlier been on. Miles 7-13 were right into the worst (what I thought) of the wind.

Somewhere around 11 or so Laurie dropped a few steps back, out of my draft. Then after a while I never saw her again (she ended up with a hamstring issue and shuffled in but finished). Greg on the other hand kept surging forward. He would get maybe 30 yards on me and then slowly come back. I caught him at 10 water stop, but I walked through getting 2 cups and he didn't. 30 yards again and we started all over.

Caught him at 13 again, and we turned inland. Garmin died so I'm running by feel whether I want to or not. We had the wind sort of at our back for a mile before we turned south again for the next 2. I led him on the downhill mile. When we turned in I think there was another water stop, he caught and passed me again. A few hills inland here, nothing major and almost welcome. And inland the wind wasn't as bad.

At around 16 we turned back SE again, and he had built quite a nice lead, maybe 75-100 yards. I had been tired for quite a while, but focused on just keeping my cadence, knowing I was moving slower but just trying to maintain effort. I did notice that the gap seemed to be shrinking, but I wasn't really actively trying to catch him. At around 17 1/2 we reached the coast again, crossed the street and turned right into a BRUTAL wind on the beach. I kid you not, 30 MPH at least and unrelenting, like the ocean wind can be.

I had caught and passed Greg here, he was fading a bit and I never saw him again (he finished maybe 45 seconds behind me). I did catch a few other people through here but it was drudgery. Passed some people that were clearly doing the 1/2. I was able to pick up maybe slightly in the last 1/2 mile, just to get it over with.

So the time wasn't what I wanted, but I have to consider the wind. I wish I had the HR and pace data for the last 7 miles, just to see. Clearly the trend before that was an increasing HR higher than I thought I could sustain. But I did.