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9:36 AM

5 mi


6:38 mi


172 lb


23 F
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Greg C's virtual race

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Greg C's virtual race.

Doug had messaged me and invited me to run today, maybe do his warm up with him before his race. This was nice, haven't really seem anyone in a while and I appreciated it. Then I thought about it and just thought well running the "race" part would be more fun than the "warm up" part, I have plenty of time/whatever to slog around on my own. Haven't raced in quite a while and have no plans to, and it feels like forever since I did anything fast, especially outside.

At the same time, I have been doing other stuff. I've really worked on the PT and my stride/cadence/whatever and some on strength and some XT. That stuff certainly doesn't get me marathon ready, nothing is a replacement for solid 16-20 mile runs of which I have, oh, zero. But I wondered if I could hold stuff together for a shorter distance.

We decided to meet at my house, park at Mousam and jog up to the Fairgrounds. Then run back to my house. We do the jog and aren't feeling it at all, and it was quite cold. I only had on a thin underarmour layer and shorts, so I was cold. Also, my Garmin that hasn't been used until this week in quite a while sometime a few weeks ago totally reset itself and all my data fields are gone, so the only screen was the virtual training partner which is pretty useless. So I was blind.

I ask Doug what he's gonna try for, because I think neither of us legitimately had any idea within a 3 minute range what we could do. I asked if he would try to be under 7 pace, he said no he didn't think that would happen today, he had a huge mileage week so that's understandable. Me, I ran 10 hills yesterday and haven't been doing much so I was kind of sore also. I just thought well I'll go out at about 7 flat effort and see what it is.

I took off and immediately fell into a pretty good groove. This whole style change is most evident when I'm running fast. I'm on my forefoot or at least midfoot and I can keep my feet straight now at landing rather than pointing out. Definitely using my hamstrings and ass and also not braking with me heels. But I had no idea what my pace was. I glanced back after a bit, maybe 0.4 in or so and was surprised how far back Doug was, so I thought well I must be too fast. First mile at 6:29 so yeah I was way too fast. I thought well fuck, this will be a disastrous end.

But just focused on trying to hold form and cadence. But I had no idea on each mile what I was really running, other than sort of trying to do math with how far ahead of my virtual partner I was, who was set to run 9:15 pace.

The rest is pretty non-descript, I run this route all the time, or used to, so pretty much knew where the miles would be and that helped. I was able to hold it together the whole way and really felt fine. Could have maybe been faster had this been a real race.

Honestly I was really happy with this until I saw Curcio's time, damn. And I'll likely still get my ass kicked by most. But for where I am right now and my lack of running, I can't be unhappy with this, and it is a 2 minute PR after all, though on a very soft one.

I think if I were to actually start training for something this would at least be a decent starting point and maybe I'm not as far gone as I fear I am. If things can stay positive in life maybe I have some hope.



This is legit. I took the pussy route and went TM. The fact that you can just roll out of bed and do this is stupid. You're still fit . Great job


Yea, mine was a treadmill too, I toyed with running it outside but had 10 excuses lined up the day before so just stuck with the original plan to wuss out at the Y. Considering a lack of any real intense / consistent training, this looks pretty solid.


Seriously great run. Look forward to catching a few runs with you in the future....

Greg C

Should've run faster.

Greg C

Then again, so should I've.


Excellent, Lance. You held pace despite the fast start. You should be encouraged. Good luck to you -- "stay positive in life" -- I like that.