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4 mi


9:13 mi


175.5 lb
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Legs were very tight at the beginning, gradually OK, but wasn't going to go any faster. Supposed to be 5-6, but had to leave at 10 and arrived late. No wrap and calf is pretty much the same it seems.

This entry is either moppish, mature or complete bullsh*t, depending on perspective.

While yesterday's result was eh at best, I think it will end up being good for me. I really need to change focus. Away from other people, what they are doing, the workouts, race times, fitness levels, etc. There was a time when that stuff was pertinent, but not now. I've been trying to kind of shortcut my way to get the fitness back that I've lost over nearly three years, and while I am getting in better shape, so has everyone else that actually has been working over the last three years. EVERYONE has moved up.

Me focusing on what was or being competitive is only productive to a point, and it puts the emphasis in the wrong place (result vs. process). I don't need to run 3:10 or whatever at MC, 3:25 will be fine (maybe 3:23 to be safe). Just take my time, put my head down, do what my body can do over the next 14 weeks and I think I can definitely do that. That means no more (or far fewer) extra TM workouts, dumbassery in runs for no reason and trying to measure myself against other people, at least until I get further along in the process.

If I don't hold myself to this, I will most surely flame out (again) at the next poor race results, and that's not what I want. So, head (mostly) down and onward.