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10:04 AM

16 mi


7:20 mi


171 lb


10 F
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Derry 16 Miler

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I usually like to write the day of the race because it's fresh, but now it's a day later.

Greg_C, Robin, Michelle, Tall Dave and McCullough in the bue dino road trip. It ended up being cold but not as bad as it originally was going to be, and I really don't think weather was a factor. 8-12 degrees during the race, wore one layer and was fine until waiting after. So Bash, Erin, x and tmorin in the gym.

No real warmup because it was too cold to get motivated to do it, didn't want to be standing around at the start already sweating and get cold, maybe a mistake but not a factor. The start was pretty smooth, we all started together. First mile uphill wanted to run around 7:30. I had listed a 7:10 pace as the goal, but really I should have done the math - I think that was unrealistic. Passed McCullough at about 0.1 miles, I knew he'd be back. Today was really about seeing if I could compete with hime for the first time, really. First few miles here clicked off pretty easy. Dropped my glove at mile 3 after taking water, had to stop and jog back a bit, Bash had picked it up for me. I thought "what's he doing here"? But he sort of cursed or groaned or something I knew it wasn't his day. Went back to pace, and at mile 5-6 or so McCullough came up beside me. He said he recognized my funky stride, but didn't really expect it was me up here, I sort of grunted. We spent the next two miles changing places - he's pass me downhill (easily) I'd spend the whole uphill catching him and passing him back.

Then my shoe came untied around mile 8. Damn. Seemed like 30 secs went by, buit I'm sure it was only about 10. Still, there he was now, way ahead of me. But over the next mile or two, I slowly reeled him in and got on him again. Big hill at mile 9, I think by the end of this I had caught him again, again I think he was surprised to see me. Mile 11 came the big hill, steep and over a mile long. Erin had caught me on the previous hill and ran these two hills really well - I lost sight of her. But I had lost McCullough at a water stop and could no longer hear him behine me. By the time that hill was over (really in the middle of it) I was starting to lose form doing about 10 minute pace (though the people around me were as well). I knew the downhill last two miles were coming though, and I've had enough experience with him on training runs to know how this would end.

I got to the top of the hills and was hoping that the change in motion would help me, that I'd be able to pick up on the downhils. But my hamstrings were just shot, and I couldn't stride. Much shorter choppier steps. By mile 14 it was all gentle downhill and I should have been able to pick up the pace but I couldn't. Finally at 15 or so I could hear him behind me. I said hi, acknowledging I knew he was there (really a mistake if I thought I had any chance). He was afraid I was going ti pass him and try to outkick him, but that wasn't going to happen. With about 0.5 to go, he passed and did pick up, running sub 7 pace at the end. I shuffled along at about 7:40 downhill then up a short hill and thatw as that. Lost by 34 seconds or something, all in the last 0.5. Oh well, not my day.

Really not the smartest race I've ever run. Went out too fast and didn't leave myuself anything. But I think that's still OK where I am in my running. I need to be aware of where the line is, not feeling like I left anything out there. And I can be encouraged by the fact that McCullough ran almost the same time as I ran this year last year, and went on to run 3:08 at Boston. So there's hope.

As always, a fun blue dino ride back. We stopped for beers and I lost my willpower, had two at the restaurant and they were good.