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11:08 AM

20 mi


7:17 mi


174 lb
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Met at the Y at 7:15 for an 11:00 race. Me, Jim, Greg, Alicia and Mike. As we drove down to NH, it just seemed like the weather was getting worse and worse, and it was already pretty bad. When we got to the coast the trees were all bent over, the flags were stiff and the rain was really coming down. Parked at teh Casino, we all used a portopotty and we all said that it felt like it was going to tip over. Getting back to the car from the portopotty I had to be doubled over just to get through the wind. Packed our stuff and got on the bus.

Then we rode and waited for nearly 2 hours at the school with nothing to do. This whole thing was a clusterf*ck, it seems like a poorly organized race in general but this year the weather made it worse. There was a guy with a megaphone making announcements, they changed the course for the half top a ten miler and they were saying stuff like "be careful out there" and "use your best judgement" and whatnot. I remember I thought it was funny because this wasn't really the right crowd to hear that message. We all had our own thoughts about the whole thing, how bad it might be, throwing times out, etc. But I was really pretty optimistic that even nwith the weather things were going to be OK. I was worried about my hands mostly (which my glove choice was perfect, along with Mike's hot hands, thanks) but also how cold I would be at the finish walking to the car. I went with sleeveless shirt and shorts, dressing like it was July, except for the gloves, my sock armwarmers and the throwaway parka.

Finally we got outside, the whole crowd started walking to the start and then we were told we were going the wrong way. We went the other direction and just sort of seemed like we started in a random spot (more clusterf*ck). The guy said go so we did. Immediate tight left turn where everyone almost comes to a stop, then uphill with the wind howling against (but the rain had let up). The first mile involved some weaving and stuff, we started out slow but settled in and got through at 7:36 and now it was spread out.

The first 8 miles were really inconsistent with the wind and rain. Sometimes cross, sometimes against, seemed like rarely with. My parka felt like a parachute holding me back so I would sort of hold onto it with my hands. Given everything we were pretty consistent through here. Really trying to nail 7:30. Greg would run ahead I guess because he couldn't stop himself and then he would slow down when he realized he was too fast. I just tried to stay steady. My watch seemed pretty pegged on 7:29 average for quite a while. We were all together, and it was pretty cool because we weren't REALLY working but it wasn't completely easy, the banter was going back and forth and it felt like a group run. Everyone seemed good.

Tossed the parka at 7 because I was warm. Thought I might regret it later but it was a good decision. Around mile 8 or so we got to the ocean and turned South, and from then on the wind was almost always cross or behind. It seems like around mile 10 is when we sort of unconsciously picked up the pace slightly. Early in the race we were calling out times and seemed intent on maintaining 7:30. Then gradually it turned into like "7:22!" but no one seemed particularly inclined to slow down. So on it went. Gu at 6 11 and 15 or so. The ocean was really beautiful in a violent kind of way. Huge waves crashing on the rocks, at the end there was sea foam everywhere. Lots of flooding.

The deal had been that at 16 it was everyone for themselves pretty much. There was a water stop at 15.5 that I got tangled up at and Jim and Greg got ahead of us. Just enough so that by the time 16 came I had lost contact. By 16.2 or so we spread out, Greg and Jim together maybe 50 yards ahead, then Mike and I, Alicia lost contact right about here. I wasn't real confident in my ability to pick up here. Thing is, as much as Greg talked about this being a controlled tempo, I'm a notch down in shape right now, 7:28 pace for 16 is work for me.

I don't know, at 17 or so (?) Mike says he's letting me go. That surprised me because he seemed fine, better than me. So then I'm maybe 100 yards behind Greg and Jim, and I tried to pick up the pace. I saw 7:07 on the watch and was encouraged. I also realized hey I actually feel pretty good. I took two ibu before the race and 2 at mile 10 or so, I think that may really help by hip/ab issue, because I didn't have that feeling of not being able to stride. I felt good.

I even saw that I was catching Jim, so that became the goal. At mile 19 I caught him and saw the 6:39 on the watch. Cool. I was also catching Greg. He wasn't even working but I wanted to catch him anyway. I did catch several other people which felt great. Never did catch him, in fact after mile 19.4 or so I think he may have gapped me more without breaking a sweat. No matter, I was happy with my race anyway.

As expected, very cold at the finish. We all finished, went to the car, got stuff, walked back to the hotel against the wind and I was frozen. Then got to get naked in the bathroom with 20 of my closest friends.

We then left and went to Five Guys burgers. The burger was great. No beer but that was OK.

The whole 16 mile "group run" followed by a race seemed to work really well for everyone. It really didn't feel like work, more of a group effort. And I felt great after. It was cool to approach a race this way, and the thing is, I don't know if I would have even run a better race if I had actually been focused and race the whole thing. A 6+ minute PR and I'm not even in great shape, so it was definitely a good day for me.



Very nice LT


Easy BQ at that pace!!


That 2nd half was quick. Great race but the report is a little light.

L Train

More tomorrow morning I think. I was really happy with pretty much this whole thing. Tried to run Greg down at the end even though he wasn't at full effort and couldn't do it. Always second or worse, ha. The whole group thing worked really really well. It was like a glorified group run through 15.5 or so with lots of chatting and laughing.


Terrific. I'm sure that is encouraging for the marathon.


Very solid effort. You all are looking great for your marathon goals.


Nice work !!!


Nice strong finish, you were strong out there at the end when it counts.


yea, nice work not sucking. J/K and I am sure I will hear it for writing J/K but felt like a jerk. I guess if I felt like that much of a jerk I would delete it, and I clearly didn't. Nice job, you did great

Jim in Wells

Strong race ... really consistent with a kick ass finish!

L Train

Thanks guys. Scorpsie your report is up now.


Good days work right there. Nice.


Fine work, Lance!