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16 mi


7:36 mi


178 lb


27 F


I have no idea about my splits because my Garmin shut down 2 minutes before the start. There were no clocks or anything, so thought I'd try to make Jeff and Scout happy by "running by feel". It was liberating in a way. Just tried to run a pace I knew I could hold for 16 miles, I wasn't even really running hard, maybe picked up the last mile or so. I'm actually pretty happy with this because of the pace vs. effort, aand that I think if I did know my splits they would have been pretty even after accounting for the hills. This is 7:36 pace which is pretty much exactly what I need for my BQ. Now the question is can I hold this for 26.2 on a less challenging course. I'm encouraged.

And I got to meet E_rainrun and tmorin, which was cool. In my mind from now on E_rainrun will be permanently smiling because that's how she seemed.

Salty ran 1:43, Greg 1:56, Laurie 2:04 and Dick 2:2x. Good times.