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7:36 PM

7.5 mi


5:34 mi

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3 mile tempo, 0.5 jog, 2 x 2 mile tempo intervals w 2:00 rest (all at 1.0% with the occasional bump up to 1.5% incline)

5:38, 5:31, 5:29 (~16:38)

0.51 jog (3:36)

5:27, 5:21 (~10:48)

5:25, 5:17 (10:42)

Smooth sailing for most of this one. The 3 mile tempo was pretty comfy which is exactly what I wanted. My goal was to run sub 11:00 for the two miles and I did that just fine. The last one was a little tough as I pushed and pinched potentially more than “tempo” but I was feeling good so why not?

Easy runs the rest of the week and hopefully a nice PR this Saturday!