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3:23 PM

8 mi


5:28 mi

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4 x 2 mile tempo intervals w/ 2:00 standing rest

5:29, 5:30 (10:59)

5:28, 5:28 (10:56)

5:27, 5:30 (10:58)

5:21, 5:23 (10:45)

This one was tough but I haven’t ran a harder effort outside in a long time. Drove to my sisters house and ran from there - there’s a nice two mile loop that doesn’t have a lot of elevation change but one hill with about 0.25 to go in the rep. Battled negative thoughts after the first one because I honestly felt like crap but was able to find a rhythm and actually have a real nice workout. Did the last rep down the hill on 21 to practice running faster down some hills so my quads can feel what it’s like to run faster when my legs are a little tired. Well see how I feel tomorrow but I might move the long run back to Sunday - tbd