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9:59 AM

8 km


5:22 mi

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O’Gara’s Irish Run 8k - O/b course: 26:37.5, 20th OA, 7th man on C’ville

Told myself before the race that I would sit with the pack and chill going out into the 15-20 mph wind but once I got to ~0.5, I surged to the front of the chase pack (2 guys broke away early) and started doing the work. The group sat with me for about a mile and then put in a little surge and I was unable to go with them. Turned around halfway and had the wind on the way back.

Out in 13:15, back in 13:23 - the hill at the very end sucked but once I got to the top, it was downhill for ~300 meters to the finish.

The course also had a section that went under a bridge that had slushy and slick snow - had to take those turns careful to make sure I didn’t wipe out

Relatively happy with today’s effort. It’s a 1:06 PR from what I ran in college so that’s got me stoked. I think I can run another huge PR at shamrock in two weeks factoring in the crap footing for about 100 meters, turnaround, sneaky hilly course, and the brutal wind. Feeling confident moving forward