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6:06 PM

5.8 mi


5:41 mi

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Prescribed: 3 x cruise mile, 3 x k @ 5k, 6 x 30” strides

Actual: 3 x mile (probably not cruise), 6:00 jog, 8 x 30” strides w/ 1’ jog

Went out to the river with pauly. First rep was gradually uphill and into the wind and I 100% contributed to the pushing of the rep... whoops... went through in a 5:08 and already felt crappy. Flipped around and ran 5:13 and 5:12 (still a little quick) and was pretty shot by this point. Cut the k’s out of the workout and did a couple extra strides instead.

Legs were pretty tired going into this one - only two easy days (and yesterday was probably a little too fast) between Saturday’s longer workout and this one. Can’t beat myself up too much, gotta stay positive going into sunday