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Name: Philip Esterle
Profession: Software Engineer
Age: 50
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About me: 
I discovered I was a runner in early 2012, and ran my first half marathon in February 2013. I'm currently training for a full marathon in May. In addition to running, I enjoy cycling, hiking, and skiing. Also, I enjoy painting miniature figurines (or, you could say that I paint toy soldiers).
Why do I run: 
I keep running because I remember how lethargic I had become just sitting around the house doing very little besides playing video games. And I've discovered that I really enjoy running in the snow. There's just something very tranquil about it.
Why I started running: 
In 2011, I finally decided that I was going to do something about how unhealthy I had been for most of my life, and started walking and eating better. Within 6 months, I had dropped close to 60 pounds. I can't even remember why I decided that I'd give running a try. But I downloaded a C210K app for my phone and gave it a shot.