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6:20 PM

8 mi


8:33 mi


50 F


5 / 10
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Out for my last longer run of 8 miles before the marathon this Saturday. I ran the first 4 miles with my daughter Payton who just ran in the State Cross Country meet yesterday - her team finished 2nd!!!

Ran the first four miles a bit faster since I was running with Payton. We stopped so she could stretch at one point and she said - sure, now that I stop all the cars come by. I said they probably think we are wimps and not a team member of the runner up team at state and a marathoner getting ready to run his second. She said we should get shirts made that says "Incase you are unaware - yes I am awesome" but then she mentioned that I could get one that said "Incase you are unaware - yes I am weird" -- not sure how to take that :)

The run started out at 55 degrees and ended at 46. A little cool and it got dark quick, but a good run.