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4:50 PM

6.3 mi


9:26 mi


191 lb


57 F


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A very easy 6.3 mile run. Went out and forced myself to run really easy since I had the shin pain yesterday. It paid off and no shin pain showed up today. It rained all day and by the time I went out it mostly had fizzled away and was just a bit drizzly throughout the run. I was a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to running in the rain since it was a very comfortable 57 degrees. Nice to run in the shorts and t-shirt given the cold weather we have already had this winter.

I got scared by a car. They were coming towards me and must have been watching me instead of the road. Right as they past me they slammed on the brakes and slid to a stop at a red light. It scared me, but I bet it scared them more than it did me. The roads were wet so it took them a bit to slide to a stop.

Great run to start the year off!