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9:00 PM

4 mi


9:38 mi


81 F


2 / 10
5 / 10
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Started this run with Ashlee and Payton at 9:00 pm headed south on North Myrtle Beach headed into winds that felt like they were blowing 50 mph! I am sure they weren't 50 mph, but they were strong enough to be blowing sand in our faces at times, and to make the first 1.5 miles extremely difficult, but cool.

We turned around and headed back north now with the wind at out backs. It felt like it was pushing us, but then made the run hot with no breeze to cool us off. We made it back to out beach path and we walked the block back to our condo to drop Ashlee off.

Payton and I headed back into the wind for another half mile and then turned around to head back home to add the last mile. This wasn't quite as windy since it was down one of the roads instead of going back out to the beach.

Great, but difficult run.