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11:15 AM

6 mi


8:24 mi


47 F


2 / 10
5 / 10
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A tough but great 6 miles this afternoon. I set out for an easy 6 miles but after an incident with a car I was energized and kicked it up a notch and ran near tempo pace the rest of the way. I didn't even feel like I was and wasn't watching the watch so I was surprised when I just now looked at the watch 9 hours later (my daughter had a track meet..... and they are long!)

I almost got hit by that car at the 2 mile mark. I was paying attention to a car coming up to a stop sign on the road I was crossing and neglected to look behind me. I didn't see a truck coming from behind me that was turning onto the road I was crossing. He was going a bit fast and not paying attention to me, but it was my fault for not looking back like I always do. I caught him out of the corner of my eye just in time and stopped as did he. I let him go and then crossed. I did get quite energized and the rest of my run showed it.