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8:00 AM

5.5 mi


10:41 mi


188 lb


67 F


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Great trail run at Yellow River Park in Stone Mountain. Tim Ursprung and Beth Whitworth whom I know from Tuesday night group runs came over to my part of town and we got a great trail run in. It was their first time on the trail so we ran it nice and easy, but next time they come by we will be able to speed it up a bit since they will know the trail a bit more. I am just afraid they may leave me in the dust next time :)

Tim's (the other Tim) watch measured quite a bit different than mine. I understand being .1 off here and there, but our watches were nearly a half mile or more different. if we go by his time we ran a better pace, which I am almost more inclined to believe at this time.

It was an awesome time and I really enjoyed the run. It has been a while since I had even been there and it was a reminder to me on what I am missing. i must get over there and run it more often. I also mostly run trails by myself so it was really nice to run them with someone else. I must do this more often!

My daughter Payton went with me and she ran with Tim's daughter for a few miles as well. I am really glad she was able to meet her and get to know her a little bit....... I am sure they will become even better running friends as time goes by.