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6:00 PM

2.6 mi


8:43 mi


73 F


3 / 10
5 / 10
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It was the final Fleet Feet Tuesday Night Run which means it was race day. We did our normal 2.5 mile loop just one time and had some official timing. I planned on running it easy, and did the first mile at a conservative (9:00), but good pace considering how much fitness I have lost lately.

The second mile kicked in and Steve and Karen who I was running with sped it up a bit so I decided to stay with them. The second mile clocked in at 8:39 which was an easy pace not too long ago. It wasn't an easy pace now and I was sucking wind pretty drastically. My body felt good other than the wind sucking so I kept the pace and stuck with them for the remainder .6 miles to finish it off in 22:39 an 8:43 overall pace.

I am really happy with this time, effort, and how my body felt given the journey I have in front of me to get back in shape.

Good times! I am going to miss Tuesday Night Running Group :(