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5:55 PM

12 mi


8:46 mi


76 F


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Today's long run was in the evening because of yesterday's 6 miler not being till later in the evening. I didn't want to get up and run 12 miles after running early evening last night (because of the morning XC meet)

It is a drop back week in mileage for the long run so only 12 today. I took the opportunity to try to run it about the pace I want to run the marathon at. I worked on and thought about pacing throughout, however didn't do a great job of it. The end pace was right where I wanted it to be, but was shooting for an 8:45 - 9:00 min pace throughout. I stopped in mile 5 to adjust my music and I think that slowed me down when I tried finding the pace again. Once I realized I slowed down it took me a couple miles to get it adjusted right and then I over-did it in the other direction. I guess that is why we work on these things huh :)

Looking at the elevation of my run I think I have another explanation for the slow down in mile 5 and 6 - I was climbing the entire time. It wasn't drastic, but they were constant climbs both miles.

My left Achilles Tendon started bothering me about mid-way. This is the same side that I had the calf injury so it kinda is worrying me. I am icing it right now. I hope this isn't something that is going to linger.