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10:15 AM

1 mi


193 lb


69 F


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4 / 10
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It has been nearly 3 weeks since the last time I attempted to run and couldn't because of my calf, and that was a week after my last real run which ended with me hobbling 1.5 miles at 5:30 in the morning to get home after the first issue with my calf.

After analyzing this to death I am nearly 100% certain that the primary reason for my calf issues has been the countless hours sitting at my desk lately. I guess sitting at my desk 15+ hours a day 7 days a week does take it's toll.

I started by walking a bit more than normal, and then started the very slow run. I ran slow and easy and only ran one mile, but that was intentional. I don't want to over-do it with trying to come back following an injury/issue like this.

I didn't take a watch because I didn't want to know how slow I was going. I was afraid it would discourage me or cause me to speed it up.

The run went good and I didn't have any calf issues. I am trying to not be too optimistic or I may do something stupid and head out for a 10k in the morning :) Baby steps.