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5:20 AM

3 mi


9:26 mi


180 lb


76 F


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5 / 10
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I almost talked myself back in bed this morning...... but didn't. I did, however, get a slow start both in getting out the door and for the first mile. Really slow easy 3 mile run this morning.

I think I killed my mp3 player yesterday. This has been my staple mp3 player for 4+ years and has gone through the hottest hots and coldest colds, as well as snow and all out monsoons, but yesterdays rain I think did it in. It will turn on and play the radio station I was listening to yesterday but then none of the buttons work. I can't change stations, volume, change to mp3 mode, or even turn it off. I guess I will be listening to country from here on out :) I have others, but none are nearly as well suited for running. I can't use my Walkman because I need one ear open to listen to my surroundings that early in the morning........ oh well.... I be you have never read a eulogy for an mp3 player before have you? I will quit now. :)