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3:25 PM

16.5 mi


9:17 mi


60 F


2 / 10
6 / 10
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A long run starting off the first 2 miles with both my daughters Payton and Ashlee. After the first 2 miles we dropped Ashlee off because that was all she was supposed to run today. Payton and I continued on running another 6.5 mile loop to round out 8.5 miles.

I ran in the house, got a drink of water, a GU, and a little GU Electrolyte and headed back out for another 8 miles. I slowed it down a little bit when I went back out because the first half was done a little faster than I wanted to do this long run. I held up really good and wasn't dying when I finished. I was really happy with this run.

I drew myself an ice bath and threw the ice in there while it was filling. When I came back in my dog was standing in there.... he takes stupid to a new level!

Great weather at 60 and the sun just a bit hidden.