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7:00 AM

2 mi


8:31 mi


181 lb


71 F


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Had no way to get a run in today unless I got up really really early to run. I chose instead to run at the XC meet before the first race my daughter was in.

I decided to run the XC course since the first race didn't start till 8:00. I got 1 mile in and it was really unstable footing and really started hurting my shins a lot. After 1 more mile I had to call it quits even though I wanted to run at least 6 miles because my shins were hurting so bad and I didn't want to risk long term issues.

I did some running around the complex to cheer the girls on so did get a little bit more in - even including some all out speed work to try to keep up and cheer them on.

My calves are even a little sore so I am glad I stopped when I did considering tomorrow mornings 19 miler.

My girls both did great - short on time now so I will have to post more about their races later. Off to my sons football game.