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6:20 AM

14 mi


9:12 mi


181 lb


76 F


3 / 10
5 / 10
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An OK 14 mile run this morning. I did this one on my own for most of it this time. My girls long runs have been moved to Monday's by the coach so they just did a short run this morning with each other.

It was really humid with 89% according to In fact the first 8 miles it was a really fine mist. It stopped for a few miles and picked back up for the last mile.

I carried water and Gatorade with me and drank regularly. This didn't seem to change the run much from last weeks long run when I didn't carry anything. I did take a GU at about 9 miles (note to self - Apple Cinnamon sucks - am I the only one that doesn't really want to taste anything 8+ miles into a run? Why do they make all these crazy flavors..... I would prefer water flavor thank you!)

After taking the GU I did notice a pep in my step so maybe I didn't get enough good fuel yesterday to fuel this run...... tweak tweak tweak.... that is one of the things these long training runs are for.

I finished strong. My neighbor saw me when I had just about 1.5 miles left and she was out doing a recovery run. She turned around and we ran the last bit together.

When I got home I checked again and I had lost 5.2 lbs on the run. This was after downing a couple glasses of water and one of Gatorade after getting home, and after carrying water and Gatorade with me.

I came up on an accident right after it happened, but I will have to put that story on the blog.