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5:05 AM

2 mi


9:54 mi


184 lb


31 F


7 / 10
6 / 10
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This morning it was very cold. I wore a long sleeve shirt with a second shirt on top. I wore shorts with sweat pants over top. I also wore a running hat.

Everything went really good the first mile and a half, then my right calf started hurting. Not sure what caused it, but after trying to push through I stopped to walk a bit. I did start running again, but decided to stop after 2 miles just to try to keep from hurting myself to the point that I have to stop running again.

I stretched before and after and stretched that calf a lot afterwards.

This is not the actual 2 mile course I ran, I actually ran the first 2 miles of the 4 mile run. The only difference is that I ran the long circle in the neighborhood and then the 2 miles ended just before the first entrance into FC.