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1:55 PM

13.1 mi


9:23 mi


42 F


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Cold, wet, rainy, windy, icy, long 13.1 mile run.

That is really enough said, but you know me.... I am not one of few words.

I was really not feeling the motivation and really was having a hard time getting out of the door for this run. I missed my run yesterday because life and family took precedence.

I was feeling much more motivation after about a mile of running and was in the groove after a couple miles. I am a wimp and I had wished after about 1/2 mile that I had wore gloves. It wasn't horribly cold at 42 degrees but the wind was blowing pretty good making for some cold hands.

After a couple miles it started to rain. It rained the enter rest of the run, but started to slow to more of a sprinkle at about mile 10 so the last 3 miles were not so bad.

I decided about 4 miles in that I would go ahead and round this 12 mile run up and make it a half marathon. I ended up running it completely out and back so I couldn't change my mind once I got to the turn around.

I was surprised how much ice is still on some of the sidewalks. I would have thought all of it would be gone by now, but I guess that is just a testament to how thick the ice was on some of these sidewalks. Of course, this was in shady areas, but still should have been gone by now.

I finished off 13.1 and it felt great! Funny how low motivation almost always turns into a great run :)