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9:25 AM

2 mi


9:01 mi


87 F


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This was the last run on the beach at North Myrtle Beach this morning at 9:30 before heading home today. This was just an easy 2 mile run with both Ashlee and Payton.

The strangest thing is that the wind was blowing south along the beach for the first time this morning. Every other day the wind was blowing strong north. As we headed south for the first mile to the pier the wind was at our backs for a 9:18 mile. We then turned it around and ran into the wind for an 8:44 mile. Payton yelled at me at the beginning of the second mile for going to fast as this was to be an easy day for them because of their time trial tomorrow morning.

It was a lot of fun running on the beach - North Myrtle Beach was a great beach to run on, unlike some others I have run.