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12:40 PM

15.1 mi


9:34 mi


190 lb


67 F


2 / 10
6 / 10
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Another awesome day in Georgia with nearly 70 degrees and sunny. A nice day to head out for a 15 mile long run!

I was a bit nervous heading out because it was my first 15 miler in quite some time, but I need to get the long runs up there because I am already behind in my training. Because of my doubt I was aiming for 10 minute miles. I started worrying when I couldn't seem to get UP to the 10 minute mark and was coming in closer to 9:30. Although after a few miles I seemed to hit my grove and didn't worry quite as much. At mile 4 I climbed the longest tallest hill which slowed my pace finally to 10 m/m, the only time I even came close.

I made up a new route as I went that I have never run before. For those of you around here I ran this:

River Road was kinda hard to run on because the sidewalks were not on both sides and I had to cross back and forth to get a decent place to run. I ended up running about a mile in the grass on the side of the road. Five Forks from Killian Hill...... well let's just suffice it to say... no sidewalks, small shoulders, and very busy..... I may not do this again :)

A great run, and one that will be a turning point in my training no doubt!

Now off to take a shower and find all the places I didn't apply enough EverStride :)