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6:10 AM

5 mi


9:47 mi


191 lb


48 F


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A nice Leisurely paced easy run Through Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta this morning.

Andrew and Sue O'Brien from Australia (@partnerunning - who just released their book Couple On The Run (@coupleontherun - are in town for a conference, and even though we just meet a few weeks ago on Facebook I had the extreme pleasure of meeting them in person this morning and running an easy 5 miler with them. I feel like they are old friends, even though we have only spoke once before via a Skype Video interview for their book launch last week.

None of us had run through Piedmont Park (other than a race) and we headed over their just after 6:00 this morning so it was still dark. We started at the 14th street entrance and were able to find our way around and winded throughout the south end of the park before finishing it back off at 14th street entrance. It was not a hard run, just a nice leisurely run, mostly for talking and getting to know each other a bit. We finished off with a bagel, Powerade, and more conversation before heading on our individual ways.

It is amazing what social media has done to dry up the oceans in a figurative way to allow relationships to be built regardless of what continent you call home. Runner's from literally around the world can find common ground and get a run in together and feel like old friends.

By the way - I have a giveaway going on right now on my blog for a signed copy of their book, the giveaway ends tomorrow so you want to make sure you head over there and check it out:

And while I am talking about people from Australia, why not go add New DailyMiler Mike Scott (the one that got me blogging years ago) aka Sub6...... New Zealand IS part of Australia isn't it? :)