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9:45 AM

8 mi


9:54 mi


178 lb
160 bpm
170 bpm


36 F


7 / 10
8 / 10


This morning I left later than I wanted to for my run because of the weather forecast.

I started by stretching.

The run went really good, I ran a new route, an 8 mile circle. The run started off raining, and then about mile two some sleet started to mix in, then about mile 3 some snow started to mix in as well. I stopped at QT for some gateraide at just about mile 4. At mile 5 it was a full out snow, and then by mile 7 it was sticking on the ground. I stretched when I got home and felt really good.

My first mile was about 9:30, but after that I am not really sure where the mile markers were exactly at.

Today was my first run with the new heart monitor.

According to the watch:

High HR: 170

Average HR: 160

Fat Burned: 53

Calories: 1078

MHR: 88%

In Zone 59:07

Below Zone: 1:45

Above Zone: 18:01

I know the cals and fat is probably not accurate, but figured I would log it.