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5:30 PM

20.2 mi


9:30 mi


79 F


3 / 10
6 / 10
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Nice, but hard, 20 miler tonight. Yea! I did it!!! I wasn't sure with how my calf/Achilles has been acting, especially after yesterdays 10 miler.

I ran the first 8 miles with my daughter Payton and ran it a little faster than I wanted at a 9:19 pace. When I went back out to finish (about 3 minutes after dropping her off) I slowed it down a bit. The middle miles were my slowest with one mile just over 10 min/mile. Payton was kind enough to say to me at mile 1 - "yea, you only have 19 more miles!!" to which I replied - thanks.

Good run overall, but I am a morning runner and much prefer the morning long runs.

Temp started at 79 and sunny and ended at 68 and.... moony.

Time for an ice bath!