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5:10 AM

8 mi


9:35 mi


181 lb


74 F


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8 mile run before work this morning. My legs were still pretty trashed from Tuesday's hill repeats and so they were quite heavy this morning and it showed.

Decided I wasn't going to push it since it was my first early morning 8+ miler (of many to come) of the marathon training and really didn't have a prescribed pace. It is kinda strange that it turned out to be slower than long run pace, but I think that was from a lack of sleep lately and my legs still not being 100% from Tuesdays workout.

I am glad that I had no choice but to get the run in today. I didn't have the flexibility to move it anywhere else so that made it much easier to get up and get out the door.

I ran to the high school and past it. When I was on the return trip I passed a lot of the girls XC and then boys XC team as they were doing a morning run. The last group of boys were coming towards me and I had to get off the sidewalk and into the road..... there were about 20 of them running together.

Thankful that my wife got up to take the girls to XC practice this morning. I usually do that, but with the 8 miler there was no way I would get it done and get them to the school by 5:45 (without getting up and out by 4:00 am.... which I don't like!)

It was fairly pleasant weather wise, 74 and 89% humidity according to, but didn't feel that humid at all. I checked when I got home and I had dropped 3.5lbs during the run.