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5:35 AM

20 mi


10:05 mi


53 F


3 / 10
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First 20 miler of this marathon training. It was supposed to be two weeks ago but I was injured the week before in the days leading up to and in my 19 mile run. Took 2 weeks off (mostly) and have been back at it for a week.

The days/weeks off made this run really really mentally challenging. I was not feeling prepared and was certain I was not going to make it through. I was certain I was going to have to call for a pickup 5 or more miles from home.

Because of the mental challenge I went out really slow and never picked it up at all throughout the run. This was the slowest 20 miler I have ever run. That was a good thing because if I had not I am sure mentally I would have given up earlier. The easier pace helped me get through to the end.

I paid close attention to my calf the entire time and only once about 10 miles did I think that it was starting to hurt. When I got home I took an ice bath to try and ward off any injury or prolonged pain.

I am not happy with the speed, but I am very happy with the completion of this run.