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7:30 AM

4 km


16:23 mi


65 F


4 / 10
2 / 10


Well, I ran my first race in probably almost a year. I am not ready to race, but I wanted to run it with my daughter Payton because we have done it the past couple years. We ran the Father's Day 4 Miler this morning down at Turner Field.

I knew going in the hills would be difficult so I had resigned to walking some of them. I probably could have run the entire 4 miles, but I had myself convinced by this point.

Payton ran with me the first mile even though I kept telling her to go ahead. Finally after the first mile, as we headed up the first hill I told her I was going to walk the hill.... that was what she needed and she took off.

I walked the hills and ended up clocking a 40:42, nothing to be proud of..... but I did get my first return race behind me.