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6:15 AM

1 mi


9:50 mi


188.2 lb


68 F


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5 / 10
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This morning was just one mile and a very easy one. It was my first test run in my new Saucony Hattori minimalist shoes (or slippers however you look at it)

I had some trouble putting them on until I realized there was a velcro strap to pull off which made them much easier to put on. They are comfortable at first and that didn't change the entire time.

I started really slow to feel them out. It really felt like I had nothing on, other than something like some slippers. I didn't worry about stepping on anything like you would running barefoot. By the time I got to .7 miles I was running about 5.7 mph and was feeling good so I went ahead and dropped the pace a little to see how they felt at a more naturally pace. I ended the run in 9:50 so I increased the speed a bit in that last .3 probably down near a 9 minute pace if I had to guess.

I liked them.... next time I will take them further. :)