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2:50 PM

6.5 mi


10:28 mi


188 lb


91 F


5 / 10
4 / 10
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Went back out to the trails again today to do a long run because my daughter and her friend wanted to go.

It was hot at 91 with lots of sun, but I didn't figure it would be too big of a deal because it was back in the woods.

I was wrong.

It was miserable, and I didn't help myself by running it too fast for the first 4 miles. Considering the back and forth of the trails this is a pretty quick pace for the more technical trails. I started to pay for it near the end of 4 miles so I walked for a bit up a hill before heading back to the car for something to drink at mile 5.

I got something to drink and then headed back out only to realize my body was all done after less than a half mile. I walked a bit more and then got back going to start heading back to the car. I got turned around since I was on some trails I had never run before and it took me a mile to get back to the car.

I called it quites at 6.5 miles and I was exhausted. I still am feeling quite spent. Should have run this morning...