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6:00 PM

5 mi


8:56 mi


76 F


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Easy 5 mile run with a little kick at the end. Tonight is the first time I have run since Sunday. The 5 miles is all I could do after working nearly 60 hours in the past 4 days.

Some stuff going on at work that left me no choice but to work and not run. After working 15, 16, etc hour days I had nothing left to run, or even enough to get up and run before that. I finally today got back to a more normal work day.

Went to my son's Lacrosse practice and ran around the path around the field.... around 18 times! I hare running in circles! But I did what I needed to do, and it felt good to run!

Started at nearly a 10 minute pace and finished the last mile at an 8 minute pace, and felt good throughout, other than a little tired.