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9:40 AM

2 mi


76 F


3 / 10
5 / 10
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Just a quick 2 miler this morning. I am limited on time and almost talked myself out of running because I was "only" able to get 2 miles in. I convinced myself I would be grouchy for skipping and that 2 miles was better than zero.

I left the watch at home because I didn't have time to let it sync up. Because of that I don't know how fast I went, but I do know that the intensity was higher than I have been running. Based on perceived effort I would guess about a 9:40 first mile and about a 9:20 second mile...... of course I could be way off too since my perception is not what it was back when I was running 30-40 miles a week :)

Really glad I got out there.... even if it was "only" 2 miles.