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6:05 PM

2.7 mi


10:33 mi


95 F


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Tonight was running group night and both Brady and Payton went with me. Payton ran with her friend Elyse and Brady and I ran together. I was running late and pulled into the parking lot when everyone was walking out the door.

Brady and I took off and I was trying to keep him slower considering it was hot and I knew that even though he was feeling good now, he would start hurting soon.

Just after the first mile it came and he started to hurt a bit. He was getting pains in his side and back and then in his throat. We slowed down and took some walk breaks as well. There was some water right about 2 miles and then we ran it in to finish 2.7 miles.

It was a lot of fun running with him, and then I won a pair of Brooks to boot!!! Whoo Hooo!