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6:15 PM

2 mi


9:17 mi


33 F


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I finally was feeling better enough to give the back and butt a run for it. Decided this morning ( that I would go for a test run this evening if I felt good all day - not one pain at all. The day did turn out that way and I had no pain at all throughout the day.

I started with a walk just to give it one last go at a brisk walking pace just to make sure there was no pain and there was none. I started the two miles out really easy tuned in to every stride and every part of my back, butt, and legs. I was ready to stop if anything at all came up. The run went really good and I didn't experience any pain whatsoever. My legs were a little tight as I would expect them to be after not running for 9 days, but they still felt fine and didn't fatigue at all throughout the run.

The run was interesting as well because of the temperature of 33 degrees and winds from 18mph gusting up to 24mph making it feel like it was 22 degrees. I was dressed for it and I am ready and waiting for this winter weather..... kinda looking forward to it as well..... for now. Ask me again in January.

I am not giving myself a complete green arrow yet, but will start running slowly and easy and begin building back up to a full schedule if I can continue pain free.