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5:35 AM

3.1 mi


8:37 mi


188 lb


15 F


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5 / 10
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Very cold early 3 miler. With a temperature of 15 degrees with 15 mile winds giving a wind chill ot 0 - (zero!) it took everything in me to get dressed and out the door.

I finally won over my bed and headed out the door for 3 miles. After the first 1/4 mile I was pretty warm but then I turned into the wind at the 1 mile mark and it was brutal on my face. I turned back around after another 1/2 mile and started to feel better until I got to the two mile mark when I made another turn which put the wind more in my face again for the rest of the way home.

Of course, I am now glad that I did it and it will make my day go much better.

Looking forward to the 20's so we can warm up a bit!