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5:30 AM

4 mi


7:47 mi


176 lb


67 F


8 / 10
8 / 10

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Wow, I absolutely killed that 4 miles!! I set off trying to see what I could do since I have the Peachtree Road Race 10k coming up in just a few weeks and really want to hit sub 50. the last sub 50 10k I hit was before my injury over a year ago.

I started good, but pushed a bit too hard for an early morning run in that second mile..... especially for 98% humidity! I was feeling spent and wanted to quit at the 2 mile mark, but decided I would just slow down a bit and catch my breath and do the rest of the run easier. It worked, and as I have said a million times before.... I hate the first two miles of any training run. I then got my groove and things started feeling good.

The great part? I was right on pace for a sub 50 10k..... with an early morning run! I always run faster later in the morning with some breakfast in me, and the Peachtree doesn't start till much later than my 5:30 start time this morning..... plus I will have breakfast that morning.

Oh - one last thing.... you really must click the link directly above this text (it reads event url) and read about my daughter - I like bragging about her and I am really really proud!