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6:15 AM

13.5 mi


9:05 mi


180 lb


74 F


4 / 10
4 / 10
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13.5 mile run (longest since the marathon in November - I will be saying that a lot!)

Started off with my two daughters and a friend of theirs/ours, Sara. Payton messed up her foot last night goofing around and it started to hurt at about mile 2. We turned around and came home to drop her off before the rest of us finished off another 3.3 miles for a total of 7.3 miles. (I messed up my watch part way through so had to go off of her Garmin instead)

I stopped to grab a drink and something to listen to for the lone part of my trip and headed back out to run another 6.2 miles. I was completely out of energy at 10 miles so the last 3 miles were really hard. Crazy part is that those were my best splits!

Dropped nearly 5 lbs during the run with all the fluid lost!