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10:30 AM

4 mi


9:03 mi


38 F


5 / 10
7 / 10
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My two girls and I went out for a run. It was a bit cold at 38 and windy, but quite nice to run in. All three of us took off for the first 2 miles and I told Payton to go ahead and run and I would stay back with Ashlee since this was only the second time she had run 2 miles. Ashlee did good until about 1.5 miles again and then said she couldn't keep going. She complained quite a bit and said her legs were bleeding on the inside. :) We had to stop and walk a little bit off and on for the last .4 of the second mile but she completed it running.

After dropping Ashlee off Payton had a good 3 or 4 tenths of a mile on me. This was more than I anticipated because I didn't anticipate walking part of the second mile with Ashlee. I thought I would catch Payton by the 3 mile mark, but as hard as I ran I couldn't catch her. I ended up not catching her till about the 3.7 mile mark, it took me 1.7 miles to catch her. I was running down in the low 7's with a 7:25 and then a 7:17 just to try and catch her. That is the fastest I have run in quite some time.... probably since before starting training for the marathon.