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12:30 PM

7 mi


10:02 mi


190 lb


90 F


6 / 10
2 / 10
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A horrible decision on what time to run.

We went out and ran before lunch as soon as we got home from church. All three of my kids and I headed out into the nearly 90 degrees and clear and sunny weather. The first mile was fun running with all of my kids at one time, my oldest daughter Ashlee said she felt like we were a running group and she was embarrassed :)

We dropped off Ashlee and Brady after 1 mile and Payton and I circled back out to do 6 more miles. After about 3.5 miles we were really starting to feel the sun and heat. At mile four we were feeling it really bad and so we had to walk a little bit to avoid the onset of heat exhaustion. It ti hard running the first really hot and really sunny run. We have had some runs in the heat and some sun, but not this many miles, and this much sun. I am sure neither of us had hydrated perfectly either which played a big part.

We walked about 3 tenths of mile 5 and then ran the rest of that mile, we then ran the first 7 tenths of mile 6 and walked the next 3 tenths of that mile before finishing up the 7th mile running the entire way.

This run was really really hard for both of us, and wanted to fall over when we got home. So many things worked against this run being a success, but we made it back alive :)

Need to get my butt out of bed on Sunday mornings like I always used to.....Where is that self discipline?????