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9:50 AM

4 mi


8:48 mi


31 F


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Good 4 mile easy run this morning with my daughters. It was cold (31) and windy (19mph) and of course half of the run the wind was right in our faces. At least we didn't get caught in the rain that came 20 minutes after we got back from our run.

Ran a different route this morning because we didn't want to wait the 2 minutes for a light to change to cross the main street. We ran up and through downtown and got a lot of strange looks running in the cold weather.

Ran 4 x ~100m strides following the run. Still in Crawfordsville, IN. Legs were a little sore from yesterday's workout ( but not bad.

Looking forward to a different change of scenery to run in as we head further east in Indiana for Thanksgiving day.