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1:00 PM

6 mi


8:19 mi


65 F


3 / 10
7 / 10
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Great solo 6 mile run in the 65 degree sun with a bit of a breeze. I headed out for 5 easy miles planning on running solely on feel. This worked for the the first mile and everything was feeling great (even the thigh)

I was just getting to the 1 mile point when one of the high school track girls was crossing the road and heading the same way I was going, but just in front of me. I felt a bit awkward running right behind her and felt like everyone driving by was watching this "dirty old man" follow the young girl so I picked it up a bit to pass her. I also didn't want to keep right in front of her so I kept it up till I figured I was a safe distance in front of her.

By the time I felt safely in front of her I was in a very nice groove and was feeling strong and smooth. I was focusing a completely on form and feel (other than the burst to get in front of her) and was continuing to focus on form and feel at the then faster pace. I was feeling so good that I decided at about 1.5 miles that I was going to go ahead and up the distance to 6 miles and just kept hammering it down.

The run continued to feel great as did my entire body. The only place I was feeling a bit off was with my dry mouth which I am sure was because of the sun and pollen in the air.

All around a great run, definitely an outcome I was not expecting when I headed out the door!