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5:00 AM

4 mi


10:13 mi


184 lb


46 F


7 / 10
7 / 10
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This mornings run was a good run considering it had been a week since I ran last. Phil McMinn was killed this past Saturday so I really haven't felt like doing anything this past week. It was also very cold and the first time I had run with sweat pants, and these are heavy and too big for me. In my 3rd mile I came up on a fox on Moon Place RD so I stopped and stopped my watch. I didn't want to get it upset and get it to come after me so I just waited until it left. I then walked for a little bit and then started the watch again and started to run again. I stretched before and after and my legs felt really good. It was 100% humidity.

The second mile may also be off a little bit because Moon Place and Web Ginn corner has been re-done and it adds a little bit to my second mile. Not much but could add 15 - 20 seconds.