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6:18 PM

4 mi


8:38 mi


32 F


3 / 10
7 / 10
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This was my second run of the day. Both of my daughters needed to get a run in today so I came home and ran again with them.

My oldest daughter Ashlee (my newer runner) needed to do her first tempo type run. Up until this point we have been building mileage and a base and not worrying about any speed whatsover. I am not really worried about speed yet, but she needs to push herself to find a pace that will give her a better workout. I planned on only taking her two miles since her longest distance is only 3.1. We started out at a pace that I thought she could handle for two miles but started wondering if I didn't take her out too fast when we hit the first mile at 9:04. The fastest she had run a mile up until this point has been about 9:50 and lately when building the miles some have been close to 11:00. We continued on and I kept checking with her to see how she was doing and she said she was doing good. As I always do and always encourage others to do I told her we needed to finish strong. I was absolutly floored when the second mile came in at 8:15...... much faster than I had expected or anticipated. She felt really good and was happy with her run. (17:19)

My second daughter Payton (the runner) and I went back out for another two miles to finish up 4 miles. We ran a couple hard hills and finished the last two miles at the exact same overall pace as the first two miles at another 17:19.

A great day of running for the Wilson Household!