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12:00 PM

10 mi


8:55 mi


32 F


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First double digit long run since the marathon and my following injury. 10 miles today with my daughter Payton. It was cold at 32 degrees and really windy making it feel like mid teens... especially most of the way home when we were running directly into the wind.

We ran 5 miles out and Payton needed to stop because she forgot to "dress" her blisters and they were hurting really bad. We had to call mom and have her bring us the dressing so we hung out in Staples for a little bit to some weird stares from the employees. We went back outside to wait it out.

It took about 30 minutes to wait for her to come some it wasn't like a typical long run, it was two 5 milers split by 30 minutes which was close enough for the first long run back after the lul in long distances.