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7:35 AM

4.8 mi


10:34 mi


80 F


5 / 10
4 / 10
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4.8 miles in the hot and humid morning. The first 4 miles were by myself, and the last .8 of a mile was with my son Brady (he ran a full mile while I drastically cut all the corners)

The first half of the run felt good, and even the third mile was feeling pretty solid as well, although hard. When I turned the corner and headed back for the fourth mile it really all hit me like a load of bricks. I then realized I had been a bit too optimistic in the first 3 miles given my fitness and the 80 degree 71% humidity..... at 7:30!

The last mile back was hard, and slow, but I finished and headed back in. When I was getting some fluids Brady said with a sigh - you didn't wake me up :( I had forgotten he said he wanted to run with me this morning. Although I was beat I was not going to pass up the opportunity so we headed back out for a mile. I let him run his own pace and I just chugged along behind him which gave me a chance to cut all the corners and turn arounds (quite a bit). He ran a full mile in 9:26, which I did .8 mile in the same time :)